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Take your Call Center
to the next level

With 12+ years of experience in the Call Center industry, we can help you take the best technology decisions..

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Highest Level of Customization
in the market

We have a proven track record in designing and implementing the most advanced level of customization possible in the market


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Outstanding Customer Service
and satisfaction

We pride ourselves in providing top notch, 24/7 customer service and technical support


What We Do

VATEL had been in the market for 14+ years and developed outstanding competence in many areas


We are able to deploy the highest level of possible customization to be compatible with your existing hardware and software and business needs as well


We are experts in integrating your business tools with telecom infrastructure to achieve the highest level of efficiency and maximize your return of investment


Cloud or on premises based infrastructure will help you to effectively scale from small to medium and enterprise levels or scale up and down to fit business needs


We provide outstanding support services whether remote on in-location, we guarantee that any issues are resolved in a record time to maintain service availability

Automated Phone Surveys

Automated survey calls collect information from individuals by phone without human interaction. These calls can be both inbound (caller initiated) or outbound (phone system initiated).

Typically an IVR is used to prompt the caller with questions and responses are indicated by the respondent using telephone keypad responses (DTMF) or by speaking into the phone and having the response recorded for later analysis.


  • Less Costly Surveys
  • More Timely Surveys
  • More Frequent Surveys
  • Eliminates Surveyor Bias
  • Integrated and automated

Phone Payment Gateway

Availability Like Never Before

Vatel Phone  Payment Gateway is a PADSS Compliant software that allows a customer to pay for the services availed from a merchant using a phone. Either a mobile phone or a landline can be used for transacting through the IVR.

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Intelligent Information System

Dedicated to Securities and Stock Market and Authorized by EFSA: Is a call-center solution that helps in organizing, managing and smoothing the transactions operations therefore, saving time and effort for your customer and for your own employees.

Shipment Tracking System

STS helps your customers to keep track of their shipments very easily, using land line phones or normal mobiles. Our Shipment Tracking System allows your customers to call and immediately access all the information they need in less than 30 seconds!

Call Center Services

Regardless of your industry, the number of employees you have, or even your target demographic, Vatel – Call Center Services – has the knowledge and experience necessary to build an innovative, results-oriented call center solutions for your business.

SMS & Email Reporter

Dedicated to Securities and Stock Market and Authorized by EFSA: “SMS & EMAIL Reporter” keeps your clients updated about their business condition easily and effectively by sending them SMSs and Emails, clarifying their daily transactions with an organized and automatic way.


In telecommunications, IVR allows customers to use a touch-tone telephone or human voice to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into, by following the IVR dialogue.

Phone Payment Gateway

PADSS Complaint software that allows a customer to pay for the services availed from a merchant, using either a mobile phone or a landline, transaction is processed through the IVR.

Our Produly Presented Projects

Below are samples of the projects we have provided

How We Do What We Do

We developed an efficient process to help you assess and plan your project properly


We provide you with a simple questionnaire to assess the current status of your business and its future needs


After analyzing your questionnaire responses, we will meet with you to gain specific insights into your challenges and what you desire to achieve


We will then send you a proposal detailing the requirements, actions, systems, cost and time to achieve your goals


As the project is approved and plan is confirmed, we start execution with an efficient project management paradigm to reach the desired output on time

Focus on business - we handle technology

Technology can grow sophisticated, but we make it simple for our customers to link their business performance and management requirements with the best of the technologies available while avoiding sophisticated jargon

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